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1920's inspired Mary Jane pumps - Black - Yvonne

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Early 1920s-inspired pumps.

The shoes are made of leather with a smooth surface. The shoe has a classical 1920s pompadour heel with a design that is 100 % true to the 1920s. The ankle strap is closed by a buckle fastened on an elastic, making the strap flexible and adjustable.

The shoe has a typical 20s pointed toe. it is spacious and with a modern fit. The slightly strong shape of the heel provides good comfort and stability.

The sole is made of leather, making the shoe flexible and breathable. Soft silicone inserts under the leather sole provide good comfort - The end of sore feet after a long night in high heels.

The shoes are available in regular and wide sizes:
EU: 35-43 UK: 2-10 US: 4-12 - see size chart for measurements.

Shoes are handmade.

Materials: Full-grain leather with leather sole

Heel height: 7 cm

Color: Black

Name: Yvonne

Brand: memery


Customer Reviews

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Lovely pumps, great quality. They fit perfectly and look stunning.

Thank you for the lovely review of our Yvonne shoes, and that the fit is perfect for you!

Super comfortable for wide feet, not great dance shoes

These shoes are absolutely the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn. I have wide feet so usually heels will pinch my toes quite a bit, but these are great. I usually wear 7.5W shoes so I ordered the 38 wide, and the shoe actually ended up being a little long for me but perfect width. My foot does measure closer to a size 6 in length according to the size chart, but I was worried about sizing that far below my usual size. That might explain the length. The only downside of the shoe is the elastic band on the buckle. It makes them feel cheap, and because I bought these shoes to dance lindy it makes them unusable. The elastic strap stretches (even on the tightest buckle setting) and my foot falls out. The elastic strap is hard to see in the photos, and if I had known it was there I probably wouldn’t have bought them. Because they are so comfortable I still wanted to try and dance in them, so I wore them out and quickly discovered how detrimental the elastic is for dancing.

So happy to hear our wide fit Yvonne fit your feet perfectly. You're always more than welcome to contact us, if you need guidance in which of our shoes are best for dancing. We have many dancers purchasing our shoes for swing dance and lindy hop, and we'll gladly help you find the right the ones suiteable for your needs.


Worth every penny

I previously ordered a pair of these beautiful shoes but returned them for the wide fitting. These do not disappoint and are absolutely gorgeous and crucially so comfortable. I had given up trying to find shoes I could wear until I found these.

We're so glad to hear our shoes have the pefect fit for you, and are elegant at the same time. Thank you for your lovely review!
Best Ditte

Rønnaug F.

The shoes looked even better when i got them . The fit was perfect.
Wery good quality! This will be My absolute favoutites from now👠👠

Lovely Shoes - But

Very well made shoes unfortunately the sizing is very small and not wide. I bought a size 7 wide.

I would not recommend this shoe for women with lace feet. Also the import tax is extramley high.

Hi Linda.

I'm very happy you think our shoes are well made, but sorry to hear they didn't fit you well. Our assortment is in general regular fit, but several of our models have a wide-fit option. You can see these in overview by choosing Wide styles in the menu.
Our wide-fit models equal two sizes up regarding the width while the length is the same. They are based on shoe last EEE.
You are always more than welcome to write to our customer service if you ever are in doubt when it comes to sizes, we are happy to help you.
You can also book us in an online video call, where we can show you the different models and answer any questions you may have.

Book here:



These are the most comfortable heels I have ever owned. They are well balanced and I feel like I can run in them, the straps are so secure! It’s like I’ve stepped into a Time Machine when I put them on. The quality of the leather is very good and they are so shiny and beautiful!

Kate N.

The shoes are beautiful and fairly comfortable, given I rarely wear heels. I found the sizing a little confusing: I measured my feet carefully and used the size guide, which recommended a 36; but I know that I wear a 39. I wasn't sure what to do, as I'm a long way away (in NZ) and didn't want the kerfuffle of returning & re-ordering... I ended up choosing the 39s and they fit perfectly.

Beyond Gorgeous, Luxury Quality, Head-Turning

These are everything I hoped for. I feel like I've stepped out of a BBC mini-series or a history book. The look, feel and quality are superlative. This is how shoes were made for decades and sadly today even so-called designer brands are often made with plastic and a mass market factory feel. I have recently begun sewing my own clothes again, with classic styles and pure fabrics. These shoes and this company will keep me feeling lovely and elegant and boost my commitment to be DONE with fast fashion, and the complete collapse of quality, elegance and timeless and soulful living.

IMPECCABLE Style and Quality

I participate in a number of vintage events, and am always looking for a great pair of reproduction 1920s pumps that can go from street to dance floor. Yvonne does this to perfection, and looks phenomenal whilst doing so. In my case, I added an insole as there are no half sizes, but it worked out beautifully. From construction to comfort and aesthetic, these are hard to beat!!!

Mrs P.L.
Such comfort and style

I purchased these Mary Jane shoes to wear as part of my MOB outfit for later in the year. The first thing that stands out is the quality of the shoe, it is outstandingly good! I have wide feet and I did have some concerns about the fit, but I found that the wide size was perfect. The shoes arrived promptly and in perfect condition I am so happy to have found Memery, I will definitely be ordering again.