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Shoe Sizing Aid Shoe Pads

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Do you often find yourself in between standard shoe sizes, or perhaps you prefer half sizes for the perfect fit? We understand the unique challenges of finding shoes that fit just right. That's why we now have our Shoe Sizing Aid Shoe Pads, specifically designed to help with fitting.

If you are in doubt about fitting, you can add our shoe pad to the order for a small fee. (To avoid a lot of waste, I did not add this in the box for free)

I see a lot of customers whose shoes turn out to be too big, but with a shoe pad, the boots fit perfectly, especially if you are between sizes. 

  1. Precision Sizing for Half Sizes: This shoe pad can help you fit if you are half-size. I would still recommend you size up if you usually are between sizes. 
  2. Universal Fit: These shoe pads are compatible with all shoe types.
  3. Effortless to Use: Using these pads couldn't be simpler. Just insert them into your shoes, step on them, and discover your precise shoe size, including half sizes. 
  4. Slim and Comfortable: These pads are designed to be ultra-thin, ensuring that they slip into your shoes seamlessly, without causing discomfort or altering the shoe's original fit. You'll barely notice they're there.

How to Use for Half Sizes:

  1. Insert the Shoe Sizing Aid Shoe Pads into the shoes you wish to size.
  2. Step onto the pads, applying your full body weight.


Why Choose Shoe Sizing Aid Shoe Pads for Women:

For women who appreciate the finer details of a perfect fit, our Shoe Sizing Aid Shoe Pads are the solution you've been seeking. Say goodbye to the frustration of choosing between slightly too snug or slightly too loose shoes. With these pads, you can confidently find and enjoy the comfort and style of shoes that fit you to perfection, even in those elusive half sizes.


This shoe pad can only be bought in combination with a shoe order and not as a stand-alone order.